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Play free online word games at Today's Word! There are currently 86 online word games to choose from. Below is a listing of all the word games currently available. Play word games online to challenge yourself, or just for the enjoyment of the game. Choose one of the games from this listing, or browse by category.

Robo Flu!

Help cure the robot in this word find games.

Word Drop

Smart and fun boogle-like word find games.

Word Strip

Get free typing practice with the naughty free fun typing game.

Lightning Typing

Practice typing skills with this addicting typing game.

Word Blob!

An anagram word game for kids to practice typing.

Blocks with Letters On

A challenging anagram word game!

More Blocks with Letters On

An engaging anagram word game to test your brain power.

Blocks with Letters On 3

An anagram word game with tricks and twists!

Word Disaster

A free word scramble game to challenge your word making skills.

Typing Defense

Practice typing skills while saving Earth from destruction!


One or two player animated hangman word game.

Guess 5

Guess the five letter word in this word guessing game.

Word Chain

Chain words together one letter at a time in this free word puzzle games.

Word Chaos

A word scramble game for which you need both skill and luck.

Best Typing

A fast paced speed typing game.

Bloody Hangman

A kids hangman word game based on the flags of the world.

Guess It

A free word scramble game where you guess the words the given letters can make.

Nature Typing

Practice you typing skills with this accuracy focused free fun typing game.

What Word?

A fill in word guessing game.

Word Drop 2

A well made and challenging word find game.


Looking for fill in word games? Letterama is one!

Snow Typer

Practice typing skills to save the snowman from demise.


Build words with funny creatures in this word game for kids.

Word Forge

Make words for points in this free word scramble game.

Word Magnate

Boost brain power while trying your hand at being a pro word broker.

Anagram Escape 2

A point and click escape unscramble word games.

Typo Trooper

Get free typing practice online while saving the troopers.

Word Scramble II

Find all the words in this free word scramble games.

52 Taps

Find letters and number in order in this fast paced letter games.

ABC Jumpers

Get free typing practice with in this cute typing game.

Alphabet Jungle

Make as many words as you can from the given letters in this word scramble game.

Square Words

Find the 9 letter word hidden in a word scramble a.

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