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Play free online word games at Today's Word! There are currently 86 online word games to choose from. Below is a listing of all the word games currently available. Play word games online to challenge yourself, or just for the enjoyment of the game. Choose one of the games from this listing, or browse by category.

Flash Cards

A kids word game for learning how to read.

Guess What

A word guessing game with clues and points.


A simple, fun and customizable hangman word game.

My Word

A fun and snarky scramble word game.

Psychology Vocab

Learn psychology vocabulary through review and quizzes in this educational word game.

Super Typing

Practice typing skills with this shooting free typing game.

Tarantuloid Typing Terror

Save yourself from spiders while getting free typing practice.

The Essay

Practice your typing skills with a realistic typing exercise.

Word Buster

A spelling word game.

Word Works

A word find game reminiscent of the boggle word game.

Did You Know? Christmas

A quiz based Christmas word game.

Free Words

A timed unscramble word games.

Word Boss

Make as many words as you can in this anagram word game.


A quick & simple anagram word game.

Tortoise and Hare Wordsearch

A word search puzzle game based on the classic tale.

Type Fast

Free typing practice, with three different modes.

Type Tester

Get free typing practice with this timed typing game.

Wacky Word Search

A free word search game for you to find wacky words in a grid.

Alphabet Soup

An anagram word game a little like Tetris.

Cup Stacking

Get free typing practice with this simple cup stacking game.

30 Sec Alphabet

Test your typing speed by matching the letters shown in bubbles with your keyboard.


Kids learn their letters with context in a visual learning game.

Animal English

A word game for kids to identify animals and choose the corresponding word.

Balloon Master 2

Practice typing by popping the balloons with letters.

From A to Z

A free typing games like Twister for your fingers.

Halloween Letter Spell

A timed Halloween word search games.

Picture Vocabulary Test

Improve your English and vocabulary building with this free online word game.

Wizard Word Search

Find Halloween themed words in a classic 15x15 grid.

Word Balloon

A hangman word game with balloons instead of a gallows.


A unique word scramble game.

Anna Gram

An anagram unscramble word game.

Alphabet Collection

Drag and drop the letter bubbles into the right place.


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