A place for every letter, and every letter in its place! An anagram word game is a special kind of word scramble game that involves rearranging letters in either a jumble of mixed up letters, or a specific word or phrase, to arrive at a new word or phrase.

Anagram word games challenge the mind, as it plays with different possible letter combinations to arrive at the solution.

A person who constructs anagrams is called an anagrammist. The most skilled anamgrammists create new words and phrases that offer a commentary of the original word or phrase. For example, the letters in the beautiful actress' name "Jennifer Aniston" can be rearranged to make the phrase "fine in torn jeans"! And another example: the letters of actor Clint Eastwood's name can be rearranged to spell "Old West Action". Finding smart & witty permutations of letters like this, is a fun and rewarding challenge for word play lovers.

A perfect anagram is one in which every letter in the original word or phrase is used exactly as many times in the result as appeared in the original. No letters are missed, nor doubled up upon.

We have lots of different Anagram word games for you to play online here at Today's Word! Enjoy the challenge... for the fun of it, while exercising your mental faculties!

Anagrams - Best of the web

We have encountered many great sites focused on anagrams about the internet... here is a list of our favourite ones:

Alphabet Soup

An anagram word game a little like Tetris.

Word Chain

Chain words together one letter at a time in this free word puzzle games.


A quick & simple anagram word game.

Word Chaos

A word scramble game for which you need both skill and luck.

My Word

A fun and snarky scramble word game.

Word Blob!

An anagram word game for kids to practice typing.

Word Forge

Make words for points in this free word scramble game.

Word Disaster

A free word scramble game to challenge your word making skills.

Anna Gram

An anagram unscramble word game.

Anagram Escape 2

A point and click escape unscramble word games.

Anagram Escape

A free scramble word game with anagrams.

Blocks with Letters On 3

An anagram word game with tricks and twists!

Word Boss

Make as many words as you can in this anagram word game.

Free Words

A timed unscramble word games.

Word Rain

Make words from the letters falling in this word find game.

More Blocks with Letters On

An engaging anagram word game to test your brain power.

Blocks with Letters On

A challenging anagram word game!

Christmas Code Breaker

A Christmas themed anagram word game.

Word Slider

Boost brain power with this unique free word search game.

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