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Are you looking to boost your brain power? You have come to the right place! Here, at Today's Word, you will find brain teaser puzzles to challenge your mind, and increase your brain power!

How do these games help to boost brain power? Many of the games challenge you to find patterns in words and letters, which in turn increases your ability to recognize patterns easier and quicker in your day to day life. A skill that proves to be invaluable over and over again.

We all have to solve problems on a daily basis, as life is full of problems to be solved. Get better at solving the problems you encounter in life by exercising your problem solving abilities while playing word games online! Learn how to come at problems from different perspectives to improve your creativity and critical thinking ability to become better at problem solving. And don't be scared to make mistakes. The best lessons come from learning from your mistakes. Better those mistakes come when your are playing word games online, than when you are seeking success in life.

Challenge your brain further by learning new words and expanding your command over language by playing vocabulary games. Playing word games is an excellent way to become a better communicator!

There are lots of brain games to play online here at Today's Word. Click on the buttons on this page to give them a whirl! Have fun & exercise your brain!

Robo Flu!

Help cure the robot in this word find games.

Alphabet Soup

An anagram word game a little like Tetris.

Guess 5

Guess the five letter word in this word guessing game.

Word Chain

Chain words together one letter at a time in this free word puzzle games.

What Word?

A fill in word guessing game.


A quick & simple anagram word game.


Looking for fill in word games? Letterama is one!

Square Words

Find the 9 letter word hidden in a word scramble a.

Word Drop

Smart and fun boogle-like word find games.

Word Chaos

A word scramble game for which you need both skill and luck.

52 Taps

Find letters and number in order in this fast paced letter games.

Alphabet Jungle

Make as many words as you can from the given letters in this word scramble game.

Guess It

A free word scramble game where you guess the words the given letters can make.

Guess What

A word guessing game with clues and points.

Word Drop 2

A well made and challenging word find game.

My Word

A fun and snarky scramble word game.

Word Buster

A spelling word game.


A unique word scramble game.

Word Magnate

Boost brain power while trying your hand at being a pro word broker.

Word Disaster

A free word scramble game to challenge your word making skills.

Anagram Escape 2

A point and click escape unscramble word games.

Anagram Escape

A free scramble word game with anagrams.

Blocks with Letters On 3

An anagram word game with tricks and twists!

Free Words

A timed unscramble word games.

Blocks with Letters On

A challenging anagram word game!


A spelling word game like Tetris, but with letters!

Word Jack

A free word search game, like Blackjack with letters!

Space Invader

A simple and fast paced vocabulary game.


A free word search game with boogle-esque rules.


Swap letters to make words in this free online word puzzle games.


A tech based word puzzle games.

Word Slider

Boost brain power with this unique free word search game.

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