A cryptograms one of many types of logic puzzles, which is based on military techniques of encryption and decryption to send secret messages, with only the intended recipient being able to decode the message.

A cipher is used to create a cryptogram, and there are a wide variety of different ciphers that can be used to encrypt a message. Substitution ciphers are commonly used. In a substitution cipher each letter of the alphabet is swapped out for a different letter. A simple example would be a one-off substitution cipher, where 'b' is used for 'a', 'c' is used for 'b', 'd' for 'c' and so on. For example:

"qmbz xpse hbnft pomjof bu upebzt xpse"

decodes to
"play word games online at todays word"

A frequency analysis can be used to solve a cryptogram that was created with a substitution cipher Looking as the letters of the encoded messages analyze how often each of the letters occur. If the message is in English, the frequently occurring letters are likely to be e's. The top 5 most frequently used letters in English are e, t, a, o and i. Check out a full letter frequency list for more information on using letter frequencies in solving cryptograms. Also, take advantage of the one, two and three letter words in cryptoquotes. There are few possibilities for what these words could be. Common options would be 'a', 'I', 'am', 'to', 'at', 'on', 'the' and 'are'.

Cryptograms first arose as a form of entertainment in the middle ages.

A cryptoquote is a special type of cryptogram where the deciphered text is a famous quote.

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