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Typing is essentially a mandatory skill in this time, the computer age. Whether new to the keyboard, or an old hat who would like to improve scores on words per minute typing tests, we all can benefit from practising our typing skills. Typing games are a great, fun way to get that practice.

Here at Today's Word we have several typing games for you to play online to have fun while improving your ability to use a keyboard. All of our games aim to challenge you, in a playful way.

Enjoy our variety of games with which you can practice your typing skills! We have basic typing games, and others aimed at kids, fast paced one to improve your typing speed, and others that emphasise accuracy. Click the buttons on this page to give our games a try!

Typo Trooper

Get free typing practice online while saving the troopers.

Type Fast

Free typing practice, with three different modes.

Type Tester

Get free typing practice with this timed typing game.

Typing Defense

Practice typing skills while saving Earth from destruction!

Word Strip

Get free typing practice with the naughty free fun typing game.

Cup Stacking

Get free typing practice with this simple cup stacking game.

30 Sec Alphabet

Test your typing speed by matching the letters shown in bubbles with your keyboard.

ABC Jumpers

Get free typing practice with in this cute typing game.

Balloon Master 2

Practice typing by popping the balloons with letters.

Best Typing

A fast paced speed typing game.

From A to Z

A free typing games like Twister for your fingers.

Nature Typing

Practice you typing skills with this accuracy focused free fun typing game.

Lightning Typing

Practice typing skills with this addicting typing game.

Snow Typer

Practice typing skills to save the snowman from demise.

Super Typing

Practice typing skills with this shooting free typing game.

Tarantuloid Typing Terror

Save yourself from spiders while getting free typing practice.

The Essay

Practice your typing skills with a realistic typing exercise.

Word Blob!

An anagram word game for kids to practice typing.

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