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Playing vocabulary games online is an excellent way to learn new words and grow your vocabulary to improve your communication skills!

Communication may be the most important skill for a person to have in this modern society. Being able to express oneself clearly, and understand others accurately is vital across all career paths and in all aspects of life. Taking some time out to increase ones vocabulary is time well spent! And if you can have fun along the way, playing English word games, all the better!

We have a wide variety of vocabulary words games to play here at Today's Word. From word scramble games, to creative word guessing games & crossword games. We even have a stock market inspired game, and another inspired by Boggle, the popular board game. Click on the different buttons on this page to try out our selection of different vocabulary games.

If improving your vocabulary to become a better communicator is what you are after, playing English word games online is a good strategy for you!

Guess 5

Guess the five letter word in this word guessing game.

Word Chain

Chain words together one letter at a time in this free word puzzle games.

What Word?

A fill in word guessing game.

Word Drop

Smart and fun boogle-like word find games.

Alphabet Jungle

Make as many words as you can from the given letters in this word scramble game.

Animal English

A word game for kids to identify animals and choose the corresponding word.

Guess It

A free word scramble game where you guess the words the given letters can make.

Word Drop 2

A well made and challenging word find game.

Picture Vocabulary Test

Improve your English and vocabulary building with this free online word game.

Psychology Vocab

Learn psychology vocabulary through review and quizzes in this educational word game.

Word Forge

Make words for points in this free word scramble game.

Word Magnate

Boost brain power while trying your hand at being a pro word broker.

Word Disaster

A free word scramble game to challenge your word making skills.

Free Words

A timed unscramble word games.

Word Rain

Make words from the letters falling in this word find game.


A spelling word game like Tetris, but with letters!

Word Jack

A free word search game, like Blackjack with letters!

Space Invader

A simple and fast paced vocabulary game.


A free word search game with boogle-esque rules.


Swap letters to make words in this free online word puzzle games.

Word Games to play online in other categories

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