Word Games for Kids

Word games for kids are an excellent way for children to have fun while learning English language skills. Word games online are a way for kids to engage with the learning of reading, writing, and typing, increasing their letter recognition and vocabulary. The fun challenge of the games keep the kids interested, and playing.

Whether a kid is just learning their ABC's, or learning how to put together complex sentences, or learning how to type, or wanting to improve their vocabulary, playing word games online are a good way to work on one's language skills.

We have a wide variety of word games that are suitable for children here at Today's Word. From word searches to hangman games, picture vocabulary games, and Click on the buttons on this page to give them a try.

Tortoise and Hare Wordsearch

A word search puzzle game based on the classic tale.


One or two player animated hangman word game.

Word Scramble II

Find all the words in this free word scramble games.

Cup Stacking

Get free typing practice with this simple cup stacking game.

30 Sec Alphabet

Test your typing speed by matching the letters shown in bubbles with your keyboard.

52 Taps

Find letters and number in order in this fast paced letter games.


Kids learn their letters with context in a visual learning game.

Alphabet Collection

Drag and drop the letter bubbles into the right place.

Alphabet Soup

Pick out the letters in the soup in order in this letter game.

Animal English

A word game for kids to identify animals and choose the corresponding word.

Balloon Master 2

Practice typing by popping the balloons with letters.

Bloody Hangman

A kids hangman word game based on the flags of the world.

Flash Cards

A kids word game for learning how to read.

Halloween Letter Spell

A timed Halloween word search games.

Picture Vocabulary Test

Improve your English and vocabulary building with this free online word game.


Build words with funny creatures in this word game for kids.

Word Balloon

A hangman word game with balloons instead of a gallows.

Word Blob!

An anagram word game for kids to practice typing.

Christmas Scramble

An anagram word game with a Christmas theme.

Animal Kingdom

A free word search game about animals for kids.

Word Games to play online in other categories

Looking to find other types of word games? You may be interested in the games in these categories:


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