Word Scramble Games

Take the letters of a word and swap their positions around so that you no longer recognize the word. The result is a word scramble. Word scramble games are puzzles in which you are given a scrambled word, and your task is to unscramble the letters to find the original word. Typically, the more letters in the word, the more difficult the scramble is to solve. Even harder, is a scrambled phrase or sentence, with more letters, and spaces thrown into the mix.

Challenge your mind, and your vocabulary. Unscrambling letters is a good way to exercise your brain, learning new patterns in language, and mixing it up, all while having fun, enjoying the challenge of word play.

Anagrams are a special form of word scrambles in which the scrambled letters spell out a different word or phrase from the original word or phrase. The rules of anagrams are clear, the rearranged letters of the anagram has each letter of the original word used exactly once. The rules of word scrambles can be much looser.

We have many word scramble games on Today's Word for you to enjoy. Click on the buttons on this page to play them!

Square Words

Find the 9 letter word hidden in a word scramble a.

Word Scramble II

Find all the words in this free word scramble games.

Word Chaos

A word scramble game for which you need both skill and luck.

Alphabet Jungle

Make as many words as you can from the given letters in this word scramble game.

Guess It

A free word scramble game where you guess the words the given letters can make.

My Word

A fun and snarky scramble word game.


A unique word scramble game.

Word Forge

Make words for points in this free word scramble game.

Anagram Escape 2

A point and click escape unscramble word games.

Anagram Escape

A free scramble word game with anagrams.

Blocks with Letters On 3

An anagram word game with tricks and twists!

Word Boss

Make as many words as you can in this anagram word game.

Free Words

A timed unscramble word games.

Word Rain

Make words from the letters falling in this word find game.

More Blocks with Letters On

An engaging anagram word game to test your brain power.

Blocks with Letters On

A challenging anagram word game!

Christmas Code Breaker

A Christmas themed anagram word game.

Christmas Scramble

An anagram word game with a Christmas theme.

Word Slider

Boost brain power with this unique free word search game.

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