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How long does it take you to find words in a word search? Do they jump out at you right away, or do you methodically seek them out? Either way, playing word searches is a good way to exercise your word pattern identifying abilities, improving your problem solving skills, and improving your vocabulary, all while having fun!

Often found in the daily news paper, word searches, sometimes called word find games, are a type of word game that consist of a grid of letters, some small, others large, and a list of words. The player's task is to find all of the words in the list in the grid of letters, circling each word as they are found. Well made word searches often have an additional anagram puzzle included, in that all of the letters that do not get circled in the found words can be rearranged to discover a special word or phrase.

Many word searches have a theme, with all the words hidden the grid having something to do with the theme, bring an extra layer to the game.

We have several different word search games for your to play online here at Today's Word. Click on the buttons to explore!

Tortoise and Hare Wordsearch

A word search puzzle game based on the classic tale.

Wacky Word Search

A free word search game for you to find wacky words in a grid.

Square Words

Find the 9 letter word hidden in a word scramble a.

Halloween Letter Spell

A timed Halloween word search games.

Wizard Word Search

Find Halloween themed words in a classic 15x15 grid.

Word Works

A word find game reminiscent of the boggle word game.

Book Stories

Help the librarian by solving a collection of online word search games.

Animal Kingdom

A free word search game about animals for kids.

Word Slider

Boost brain power with this unique free word search game.

Christmas Search

A word search Christmas word games.

Word Games to play online in other categories

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